About Us

Who We Are

The National War Memorial Registry is a component of The Memorial Day Foundation, a tax exempt not-for-profit charitable 501 (c) (3) organization (EIN 65-1240181).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to increase and restore patriotic awareness and respect for Memorial Day by maintaining a tradition of public honor and remembrance and to preserve, protect, honor and remember our nation’s war memorial.

Vision Statement

We intend to create a digital repository of photographic images of every American war memorial in one repository. To show how our nation has honored those Americans who have served, are now serving and who died serving this great nation. This repository will serve as a permanent record for posterity.

History of The Registry

In late 2012 The Memorial Day Foundation created The National War Memorial Registry. We did this as part of our mission to preserve, protect, honor and remember our nation’s war memorials. With the registry we are creating a permanent digital record of all our war memorials. We encourage the public to take pride in their local war memorials and submit them to be listed in the Registry. The Foundation created an app for smart phones, IPads or tablets that allows the public to upload images of their local war memorial right to the registry. This easy to use app allows the public to contribute war memorials from their local community with little effort.

To date, many Americans have contributed images to the registry giving us over 12,000 war memorials in our database within our first 18 months. We know that this will continue to grow. We hope that this project will never be completed because our nation will always find a reason to honor those who serve our nation in its armed forces past, present and future. What we do know is that we will always have as complete a repository as possible with the help of the public.