Help Us Build The First National War Memorial Registry

Let's Build The National War Memorial Registry

The Memorial Day Foundation is building the nation’s first National War Memorial Registry to include every war memorial in the country. We need your help to remember those Americans who have served our country and helped to protect our liberty and freedom. Our war memorials act as memorials to those who died for our country and as historical markers. The Foundation is committed to promoting, preserving and honoring our war memorials. We want you to be a part of this exciting and important project.

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For your help we’ll credit each listing with your name in the submitted by field, unless you wish to remain anonymous. This is a project of all volunteers; feel proud that you have contributed for your community, town or city.

To help you identify the different types of war memorials that may exist in your local community please see the list below and click on for an example. Not all of these may be in your community but the treasure hunt for them is the excitement and joy of doing this.

Types Of War Memorials

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